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Summertown High School - Summertown, Tennessee
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Aerial Photo of SHS Campus taken on June 20, 2012
                   What a difference 60 years makes !!

This Aerial photo of the SHS (and then - SES) Campus made 60 years
before - in 1952. The only portion of these buildings still standing today is
the Old Gym and the portion of the High School that now houses the
Library.    See additional information below this photo.
The Elementary School, that is pictured here, burned in February of 1954.    A new
school was built and opened in the Fall of 1954 - which was also during the same
Summer that the current High School gym was built and opened.       The 1954
elementary school was torn down in the late 1990s, after the new Elementary School
was built on Corbin Street.  
 2015 Banquet - May 16, 2015